online crockery business

Is an online crockery business profitable?

Crockery is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of tableware, dinnerware, serveware, etc. The dishwares that we use on the tables while having meals fall under the category of crockery.

Crockery includes various types of plates, serving bowls, plates, condiment dishes, etc. that are built of clay which has been flamed and crafted for an everyday purpose.

The crockery market is anticipated to see a growth at a rate of 11.20% in the global market in the forecast period of 2022 – 2029 and is anticipated to reach USD 12.673.88 million (approx ₹963 billion) by 2029. 

Launching an Online Crockery Business

Coming to launching an online crockery business. Before launching an online crockery business, it is important to understand the target audience and their lifestyle. You also need to determine what demographic you want to cover. 

Young customers like young professionals prefer inexpensive crockery with swanky designs. You can sell Glassware crockery to this section, and this demographic will prove to be beneficial for a crockery business online.

When we consider older customers, who are ready to invest more money, like costly porcelain and chinaware from the best crockery brands in India. They like elegant designs in classy crockery which enhances the ambience of their dining area. 

Setting the Scale of Your Online Crockery Business

One important thing that decides whether the online crockery business will be profitable for you or not is the level of substantiality you want your enterprise to be. While launching a crockery business online, it’s recommended to start small.

You must decide the level of stake you are ready to put in and the amount of investment you wish to make initially. Initially, financing should be in a way that it must bring down the level of risk for you. 

Offline or online, the risk and investment factors remain almost the same, however, with the increasing trend of online buying and selling, many more ways to increase revenues have opened up. There are lots of reasons that advocate that an online crockery business is profitable. 

Some factors that make online crockery business profitable are as follows:

1.  Low Operating Cost

Starting an online crockery business does not require any sort of investment in inventory,  warehouse, or staff. The same products that we are selling offline can be sold online without any additional investment in bringing in new stock. 

The online crockery business skips the requirement of stocking & storing and the products can be directly sold out to the customers. 

The direct delivery of products from suppliers to clients also eliminates the shipping time. This leads to faster delivery, happy customers and reduced paperwork.

2. 24×7 Availability

With the internet, your online crockery business can operate 24×7, showcasing the products to the customers at all hours. With the help of an attractive website, you can let your customers see your products, and their specifications and place the order for the products that best meet their expectations

With the help of an online website, you can sell your products at any time to any corner of the world. You can sell your crockery items for a longer period and even during the holidays.

3. Better Customer Support

An inevitable advantage of having an online crockery business is that it enables you to answer the queries of your clients and resolve their issues very quickly. With the internet and better customer support for your potential customers, your online crockery business enables you to have a retention rate.

Furthermore, the videos of the products and production descriptions save your time as well as of your customers. 

4.  Boundless Business

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online crockery business reaches a worldwide audience. Going online with your business means growing your business. 

By creating an online presence for your online crockery business, you can have an access to a greater audience which directly increase sales and revenue.

5.  Operate From Anywhere

You can handle your online crockery business from any corner of the world. While you go digital, you reduce paperwork with virtual databases, managing a business in an automated and easy way. 

You can simply use online services to manage billing, order fulfilment, purchasing, and payments for your online business. Among various benefits of having an online business, the feasibility to operate a business from any part of the world is most favourite of all online business owners.

In the current digital scenario, the importance of online business is undeniable. Crockery is something that is required in a very area of the world. Having an online crockery business, is just like getting your business out of the boundaries. 

You can sell your designer crockery collection to different customers around the world and make a big name in the niche. 

Dinner Sets for Every Occasion

At a time when we wish to have a dining-out experience at home, we need attractive dinner sets.

At a time when we wish to have a celebratory meal at home, we need gorgeous pieces of drinkware and dinner sets. 

At a time when guests surprise us and we wish to convert that surprise into a celebration, we need an awesome dinner set & barware. 

To help you to make last-minute plans for a successful celebration without feeling overwhelmed, we have rounded up some dinner sets that are good for every occasion. 

You can have a luxurious dining experience at your home with the assorted range of complete dinnerware sets and drinkware available at Vinayak Crockery to choose from.

The way guests are served is the perfect reflection of your warmth, hospitality, and fervor. Beautiful dinnerware not just adds to an amazing hosting experience but also enhances the meals. Pieces like dinner set ceramic, porcelain, and marble set the mood for your home dining experiences as well as express your personal choice & style.

Check the different types of dinnerware that are perfect for every occasion from formal settings to casual dinner parties to everyday use.

5 Dinner Sets for Occasion

Hand Painted Dinner Set 

Parties are incomplete without delicious dinner & drink and dinners are dull without beautiful crockery and drinkware. Hand-painted dinner sets bring fun & taste to the table. Hand-painted dinner set often has 33 piece set comes in different combination & color that carries different vibes. To add ocean vibes, we recommend something in blue for sea-food-based starters.

Hand Painted Dinner Set

Melamine Dinner Set

With the festivities around the corner, the melamine dinner set is a perfect piece to bring home and serve a yummylicious homemade meal.

Melamine sets would be a set for every Occasion and a host’s dream. Being shatterproof and sturdy to break, melamine dinnerware is perfect for outdoor events. Melamine dinnerwares are dishwasher safe but they are not suitable for your oven or microwaves. 

Read the benefits of the Melamine Dinner Set

Melamine Dinner Set

White Dinner Set

To bring an elegant and romantic atmosphere, might be a candle-lit dinner, white dinner set is the perfect piece to have dinner while reuniting with family and friends. 

Every occasion in India gets complete with an extravagant meal, sweets, and savories. A white dinner set can act like the perfect piece to create a magnificent table setup, combined with some designer white candles. 

The range of white dinner sets available at Vinayak crockery is an awesome epitome of luxury and elegance, and so an awesome piece to elevate your festive mood.

White Dinner Set

Marble Crockery Set

Wish to celebrate each day? Yes, the meals can be as healthy as homemade lentils or fresh veggie sandwiches but they can be a great dining meal when served in perfect bowls & plates making a simple dinner a celebration. 

Marble dinnerware sets have a fine finishing glaze that adds a shining smooth look to the crockery and impermeable flawlessness, making it ideal for regular as well as occasional use.

We certainly believe in creating endless possibilities with marble dinner sets that create a plate full of flavor. 

Marble Crockery Set

Porcelain Dinner Set

Porcelain dinner sets are another ideal piece for every occasion as porcelain is a versatile material that features a non-porous surface and long-lasting durability. Porcelain dinner sets are safe to be used in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven, however, when some of them contain metallic accents, we must refrain from using them in the oven & microwave. 

Porcelain Dinner Set

These pieces are available at leading dinner sets online crockery shops or you can also buy them offline from Vinayak Crockery.

So, what are you holding yourself for? Explore our dinner set collection and experience drink, dine & delight with your loved ones with our exclusive range of dinnerware, brought to you by Vinayak Crockery.

Leading Crockery Brands in India

From merely a space to get together & dine, dining rooms are more of signature proportions that add decor, and function and make the most out of your home. 

Crockery tops the list when it comes to the hottest pieces that bring grace and class to the decor of the dining room giving it an elevated ambiance.

To help you get outstanding collections that are in ideal sync with the themes of your space, we have rounded some of the best crockery brands in India for perfect plating & planning of tableware.

Some of the most important crockery brands in India.


Ariane is a leading crockery brand based out of Europe. It is a European-based crockery brand but it has extended its network to different countries all over the globe. 

Ariane is mainly recognized for ivory and pure white porcelain tableware. Undoubtedly, we all and others all over the world on a special love for ivory and pure white porcelain crockery, especially when it reflects state-of-the-art creativity. 


Needless to mention, Borosil is one of the leading crockery brands in India offering a huge array of products. The product range includes lunch boxes, microwave-safe crockery items, storage containers, and so much more to mention.

With a huge network all over the globe, Borosil has earned a commendable name in the niche of crockery. 

Clay Craft

Known for the production of high-end fine bone China crockery, Clay Craft is a renowned brand of crockery in India The company offers an extensive and exclusive range of products which include beautiful ceramic tableware, high-quality coffee mugs, trendy tea, and dinner sets used by homemakers and hotel industries all over the country.


Corelle is a widely-known crockery brand in India having a huge market all over the globe. The brand is popular for its beautifully designed state-of-the-art crockery items. Corelle has won the hearts of homemakers and hotel managers with its perfect finish and higher durability that is a result of the proprietary three layers of glass it has. 


Fabindia is one of the most popular crockery brands in the country, known for manufacturing a huge range of exclusive items in dinnerware, cookware, serve ware, and drinkware for high-end customers who love to adorn the dining table with exquisite items. Being a leading manufacturer of crockery items in India, the brand ensures that the products offered would always qualify the test of time and trend. 


Jaypore offers uniquely crafted crockery items with having ethnic look. With a huge demand for premium design by artisans and potteries all over the country, Jaypore crockery became one of the most loved crockery brands in India and other parts of the world. 


Laopala is one of the oldest crockery brands well appreciated by consumers all over the globe. The brand has a wide range of products that include dinnerware, glassware, tea, and dinner sets, and many more. Laopala has a state-of-the-art facility bringing the best crockery items to consumers.

Larah Opalware 

Sarah opal ware is a leading crockery brand run and owned by Borosil. The brand manufactures long-lasting crockery items using stainless steel. The products offered are best suited for homes in India. The entire range of exclusive stainless steel cookware has huge popularity all over the country.


Luminarc is a French-based crockery brand that manufactures high-quality tableware and other items. These products are made of high-quality material, packed with shock resistance glass which is manufactured by special melting technology.


Managed and owned by Hamilton Houseware Pvt. Ltd. Treo is also one of the most popular crockery brands in India. I am having a state-of-the-art facility manufacturing cookware and serving ware items all over the globe. Treo products are developed to last longer than any other brand.


Wilmax is a United Kingdom-based crockery brand that offers beautifully crafted crockery, stainless steel cutlery, and crystalline lead-free glassware. Established in the year 2010, the brand made its unfadable footprints in the crockery market of India. 


Yera is the leading crockery brand and manufacturer of glassware items with a huge demand worldwide. The brand earned a big name quickly because of its storage containers section that includes designer and state-of-the-art containers crafted out of high-quality glass.

The color, style, design, and size of the crockery elevate the decor and theme of the ambiance while uplifting the entire experience of having a cuisine. Crockery must be brought from a leading crockery shop. Vinayak crockery is a renowned crockery shop in Jaipur that offers different types of kitchenware, dinnerware, glassware, barware and other kitchen essentials from leading brands of the world.

Different Types of Crockery That Are Timeless

Beautiful tableware – crockery and cutlery are an essential part of setting up a new home or elevating the existing dining space. Crockery and cutlery, both are used in the serving and consuming of food, yet it plays an important role in sprucing up the ambiance and mood.

Different crockery comes with different features, while one may not be an affordable option for you, it may get enormous benefits at much lesser pricing, depending on your lifestyle and taste. 

Before we move on, let us first figure out what is crockery.

What is crockery?

Crockery refers to a vessel into or onto which food is served or placed. Crockery is an extensive term that includes various types of dinnerware and tableware like bowls, plates, serving platters, dishes, etc. 

What are different types of crockery?

Crockery comes in various designs and styles. Based on different materials used in crafting kitchen crockery sets, we have rounded up some of the most common crockery types with their features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

Bone China

Bone China is a  kitchen crockery type that is translucent and milky white. Bone China is one of the most preferred kitchen crockeries as it is durable, lightweight, and long-lasting. Bone china must be handled with care as it is not breaking resistant. 

One of the best qualities of Bone China is that it is microwave friendly and dishwasher safe. Most of the Bone China crockery is expensive so they are often used for formal occasions.


Ideally used for formal dinner settings, Porcelain is durable and non-porous. With the material being very thin and very delicate, Porcelain offers a glass-like appearance. Porcelain crockery comes in vivid designs and colors to choose from. 

Though it is safe to be cleaned in a dishwasher, one must handle it with utmost care as porcelain is easily breakable. Also, it is microwave and oven friendly, however, they might crack sometimes in the oven. One should avoid using it in the oven when it is with metallic accents. 


Stoneware is easy to handle & easy to maintain and so used for casual settings. It is hard, heavy, and also non-porous but they have a smooth look. Just simple glazing on it brings an awesome finish to this kitchen crockery type. 

The stoneware sets are usually strong and chip-resistant. You can pop them in the microwave or freezer. Though extreme temperatures do not affect this crockery and they are safe to be used in the oven, one should avoid exposing them to temperature changes suddenly. Sudden exposure to changing temperatures could tarnish it. 

Ceramic Crockery

Ceramic kitchen crockery is natural, biodegradable and recyclable. Ceramic is long-lasting, hard-wearing and non-compressible. The main advantage of ceramic crockery is it can be used for cooking dry as well as wet food items with no restriction for baking and roasting. Very easy to clean, Ceramic crockery are non-sticky, non-toxic, healthy and safe. 

Metal Crockery

A steel or metal crockery is the most durable and non-breakable dinnerware that brings in a very good value for money. Popular for daily use, Metal crockery is easy to clean and food stored in it doesn’t react with the metal in any way. With no side effects of eating and storing in steel dinnerware, the metallic kitchen crockery is the safest to be used for formal as well as casual occasions.


Earthenware crockery is a casual type of kitchen crockery for simple and casual settings. This type of crockery is fragile to handle, sturdy in build and weighty in appearance. It is porous and often glazed. 

As it gets highly affected by sudden exposure to high-temperature changes, it is not safe to be used in the oven or microwave. At the same time, they should not be submerged in water for a long time.

Earthenware features a rustic look and this is the reason it is mostly preferred by farmhouse-designed homes. The main advantage of earthenware it doesn’t seep any chemicals when heated to high temperatures and the plate doesn’t get hot quickly even when the hot food is placed on it. This makes it easy to eat from earthenware plates and bowls.


Made from durable plastic resin, Melamine is non-breakable and easy to handle. Melamine is clean to clean & dishwasher safe, however, must not be used in microwaves/ovens or to heat the food in it. At cheap pricing, Melamine crockery offers the looks and feels of fine porcelain and ceramic. Melamine is an elegant yet affordable option for indoor and outdoor occasions.

The best way to buy the perfect crockery for your home is to visit a well-known crockery shop in jaipur and explore the collection. Vinayak Crockery is one of the best-known crockery stores in Jaipur that offers beautiful and exclusive dinnerware, barware, and glassware to choose from and experiment from.

Visit the store → Explore the collection → Test the shortlisted → Buy the best!

The Main Benefits of Using Melamine Dinner Set

Whether it is a big party, a simple get-together, or no occasion, we all love to have and serve food in beautifully crafted crockery. After all, food presentation is as important as food. The food presentation and the beauty of plates, spoons, bowls, and tableware sets create a welcoming ambiance and dining table.

From earthenware to melamine to porcelain, there are a plethora of options when it comes to upgrading your dining table. So, if you are someone looking for a smart dinner set option, then we have an array of collections that have superseded all the loopholes of bone china, porcelain, stoneware, and all others. The Melamine Dinner Set is the one!

Melamine Dinner Set

Melamine dinner sets have outshined the food and beverage industry for many years now. Online shopping for melamine dinnerware in India has been a boon for party planners, food caterers, housewives, and even children as they are not prone to easy breakage or staining from leftovers in the plates and bowls. We at Vinayak Crockery, offer 24 karat melamine kitchen crockery sets in vivid colors and designs suitable for different occasions.

Here are some of the benefits of melamine sets.

Benefits of Using Melamine Dinner Sets

1 Extremely long-lasting and heat-resistant

Melamine dinner sets and plates are highly durable and heat resistant. They can be used in the microwave without fear of mishaps or breakage. The 24 karat melamine dinner sets are made keeping in mind the breakage, chipping, and heat resistant qualities, so they ensure accidental free dining and serving.

Melamine Dinner Set

2 Effortless cleaning and dishwasher are safe.

Melamine dinner sets are easy to clean. There is no more fuss about cleaning plates if you use a dishwasher. Melamine dinnerwares are easy to rinse and dry. We can run the melamine plates through any shelf bottom or top without putting the machine in danger.

3 Vibrant colors and patterns

Melamine dinnerwares are crafted in vivid colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. Whether you like bold colors or square-shaped plates, Online shopping for melamine dinnerware in India allows you to choose from a wide variety that includes leaf-shaped plates, basic rounds, and squares with a definite sense of style added to them.4 Food-grade plastic

Melamine Dinner Set

4 Food-grade plastic

The melamine dinnerware sets and tableware are BPA-free. At Vinayak Crockery, we offer food-safe plastic and high-grade crockery shop in Jaipur which is safe to be used in an oven and microwave. Because of its food-safe plastic quality, one can serve food to a large number of audiences. So, Online shopping for melamine dinnerware in India proves to be an economical option for a party planner or a caterer.

5 Budget-friendly pricing

Melamine dinner sets are easy to afford. You can get top-quality finishes without breaking the bank. For bulk, stalk-like catering services, and restaurants, melamine is highly preferred as the benefits are enormous in comparison to the price tags. Unlike glassware and bone china, the melamine dinnerwares are available at reasonable prices in the most attractive designs.

Melamine Dinner Set

Online shopping for melamine dinnerware set in India

When you are looking for a high-end dinner set at an affordable price with varied options, melamine dinnerware is the best option for you. Melamine dinner sets have higher durability and are heat-resistant. Available in vivid shapes and sizes, melamine is the best choice to make. Our melamine dinnerware collection includes designer plates, serving bowls, dishes, serving spoons, and all other tableware. For more details or any queries with respect to the melamine crockery, you can contact us or explore our other collections available at our store.

Latest 7 Modular Crockery Unit Designs for Modern Dining Room

A crockery unit is an important furniture piece to achieve an organized & decluttered kitchen or dining space. Modern and modular crockery unit Designs not only serve the purpose of secure storage for your dinnerware & kitchen utensils but also bring a visually aesthetic appeal to your space. Modern crockery units are crafted out of different materials like plywood, fiberglass and metal, and in an array of colours and finishes to align with your decor theme. Among the huge variety available, we have rounded up unique modular crockery unit designs, that beautifully display your quirky crockery collections, to help you select the one that goes best with your decor theme.

Glass Crockery Unit Designs 

Crockery units with glass fronts have been in trend for ages. Such crockery unit designs exhibit the crockery, glassware and other kitchen accessories stylishly while fulfilling the role of storage solution. Whether positioned in a kitchen or dining space, Glass Crockery Unit Designs adds an aesthetic and class statement, no matter what the place is. 

Glass Crockery Unit Designs

Bar Crockery Unit Designs

A crockery unit design with a bar cabinet might serve as a distinctive piece and an added style to the place. Such designs are available in custom-made options to complement the décor of your space which idealizes the ambience. Notably, the beauty of the bar crockery unit designs lies in the beauty of the barware, glassware and other bar accessories that you put inside it. Ensure to get the best barware to lock the style of bar crockery unit designs. 

Bar Crockery Unit Designs

Open-shelved Crockery Unit Designs

To keep things handy and open, you may go for an open-shelved crockery unit for your kitchen or dining room. Apart from crockery and glasswares, plants with shorter stems look really good when placed in conventional open-shelf style crockery units. 

Open-shelved Crockery Unit Designs

Wooden Sideboards

Sideboards are a great idea for the dining space as they serve a dual purpose – storage alongside a decor space to exhibit stylish fine china products. You can go for a wooden sideboard unit to add traditional vibes to the dining area or go for the one that features an open area at the top of the cabinet to showcase the decorative items for contemporary modern decor. 

Wooden Sideboards

Wall-Mounted Crockery Unit Designs

Wall-mounted units are the best space-saving crockery unit design when you do not wish to take up much floor area. These crockery units can be designed in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes. They can also be personalized to best suit your dining theme in a way to ensure enough space to display your kitchenware stylishly. Alongside beautiful glassware and barware, such wall-mounted units elevate the looks of small indoor planter sets. 

Wall-Mounted Crockery Unit Designs

Multi-functional Crockery Units

Multi-functional Crockery Units are great options for small homes featuring a kitchenette with no space for a crockery cupboard. Multi-functional cabinets are one of the best methods for such homes to assemble a small kitchen. Alongside saving space, such designs fill many other purposes.

Corner Kitchen Unit Designs 

Corner units or cabinets are important furniture pieces that elevate the decor of any area while saving space. By installing a free-standing corner unit with soft lighting to an empty wall, you can save a good amount of floor space while creating modern dwellings for yourself.

To keep the kitchen items, crockery and kitchen utensils in a clean and organized way, the above-mentioned modular crockery unit designs will work excellently well. Modular crockery unit designs could be an efficient and stylish way to organize a kitchen. These crockery units can be personalized to showcase various types of tableware, dinnerware and barware in a style that suits your decor theme. Choose the best crockery unit design that complements your décor.

Last but not the least, beautiful crockery completes the beautiful crockery unit design. The crockery unit serves a decorative purpose but what fulfills it? Of course a set of plates, glassware, dinnerware, barware, etc. If the unit is too stylish, but the crockery is not good enough to showcase, it may hamper the whole design. 

With modern modular crockery unit designs, you must have eye-pleasing kitchen crockery to display in. If your crockery collection is good, it will surely elevate the design and appearance of the crockery unit. 

Where to get a designer crockery that beautifies crockery units?

Vinayak Crockery is one of the most admired crockery shop in Jaipur, offering sustainable kitchenware, designer barware and much more at budget-friendly prices. With the association with 20+ brands from all over the globe, Vinayak crockery offers branded kitchenware and kitchen equipment to the clients at its store. Whether you wish to go for a wall-mounted crockery unit design or wooden sideboards for crockery, Vinayak crockery offers unique crockery items to display through them and offer a next-level decor.