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Is an online crockery business profitable?

Crockery is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of tableware, dinnerware, serveware, etc. The dishwares that we use on the tables while having meals fall under the category of crockery.

Crockery includes various types of plates, serving bowls, plates, condiment dishes, etc. that are built of clay which has been flamed and crafted for an everyday purpose.

The crockery market is anticipated to see a growth at a rate of 11.20% in the global market in the forecast period of 2022 – 2029 and is anticipated to reach USD 12.673.88 million (approx ₹963 billion) by 2029. 

Launching an Online Crockery Business

Coming to launching an online crockery business. Before launching an online crockery business, it is important to understand the target audience and their lifestyle. You also need to determine what demographic you want to cover. 

Young customers like young professionals prefer inexpensive crockery with swanky designs. You can sell Glassware crockery to this section, and this demographic will prove to be beneficial for a crockery business online.

When we consider older customers, who are ready to invest more money, like costly porcelain and chinaware from the best crockery brands in India. They like elegant designs in classy crockery which enhances the ambience of their dining area. 

Setting the Scale of Your Online Crockery Business

One important thing that decides whether the online crockery business will be profitable for you or not is the level of substantiality you want your enterprise to be. While launching a crockery business online, it’s recommended to start small.

You must decide the level of stake you are ready to put in and the amount of investment you wish to make initially. Initially, financing should be in a way that it must bring down the level of risk for you. 

Offline or online, the risk and investment factors remain almost the same, however, with the increasing trend of online buying and selling, many more ways to increase revenues have opened up. There are lots of reasons that advocate that an online crockery business is profitable. 

Some factors that make online crockery business profitable are as follows:

1.  Low Operating Cost

Starting an online crockery business does not require any sort of investment in inventory,  warehouse, or staff. The same products that we are selling offline can be sold online without any additional investment in bringing in new stock. 

The online crockery business skips the requirement of stocking & storing and the products can be directly sold out to the customers. 

The direct delivery of products from suppliers to clients also eliminates the shipping time. This leads to faster delivery, happy customers and reduced paperwork.

2. 24×7 Availability

With the internet, your online crockery business can operate 24×7, showcasing the products to the customers at all hours. With the help of an attractive website, you can let your customers see your products, and their specifications and place the order for the products that best meet their expectations

With the help of an online website, you can sell your products at any time to any corner of the world. You can sell your crockery items for a longer period and even during the holidays.

3. Better Customer Support

An inevitable advantage of having an online crockery business is that it enables you to answer the queries of your clients and resolve their issues very quickly. With the internet and better customer support for your potential customers, your online crockery business enables you to have a retention rate.

Furthermore, the videos of the products and production descriptions save your time as well as of your customers. 

4.  Boundless Business

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online crockery business reaches a worldwide audience. Going online with your business means growing your business. 

By creating an online presence for your online crockery business, you can have an access to a greater audience which directly increase sales and revenue.

5.  Operate From Anywhere

You can handle your online crockery business from any corner of the world. While you go digital, you reduce paperwork with virtual databases, managing a business in an automated and easy way. 

You can simply use online services to manage billing, order fulfilment, purchasing, and payments for your online business. Among various benefits of having an online business, the feasibility to operate a business from any part of the world is most favourite of all online business owners.

In the current digital scenario, the importance of online business is undeniable. Crockery is something that is required in a very area of the world. Having an online crockery business, is just like getting your business out of the boundaries. 

You can sell your designer crockery collection to different customers around the world and make a big name in the niche. 

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