Daily Use Kitchen Tools and Equipment

Having the most important kitchen tools and equipment list in your cupboards will make your life so straightforward. However, the kitchen world comes out with trendy, sleek, and existing kitchen hi-tech gadgets all the time, but that even doesn’t mean you need to buy every single one to be able to cook properly.

The most used tools are all you need to begin cooking delicious food. And after having all the money and time to be saved on home-cooked meals, you can check out, our advanced tier of kitchen tools here.

To help you know exactly what equipment and the best kitchen tools to begin, we created a kitchen important guide for you.

Non-Stick Frying Pan

A non-stick pan is a must-have in every household for breakfast duties as it is the ideal surface for making pancakes and eggs.

It also has a super versatile pan that can be used for sauteing meats, making sauces and sauteing vegetables.

Just be cautious about using non-abrasive kitchen tools and equipment near me! We like the steel frying pan and this aluminium one.


When it comes to cooking with liquids like boiling vegetables and pasta or beans and simmering sauces, a saucepan is an essential tool to have in your kitchen.


For bigger batches of stews, pasta, and soups, you’ll need to have a 12-quart stock pot around. Its base allows for heating, so your soups cook evenly.

Sheet Pan

These pans can get a lot of action, including backing meats, roasting vegetables, toasting nuts, and backing cookies. They also make for simple clean-up with sheet pan dinners.

Glass Baking Dish

Glass baking dishes are best for making things like casseroles and enchiladas in the oven. Because it’s an 8-inch size can fit into the oven for the times you need to cook food for the quick saute & Microwave Methods or even to veggies when the stove is occupied. 


If you’re cooking, you’re going to be using a normal knife. If you have space and money for the knife, get a chef’s knife.

You will use a knife for 9/10 of food prep, so be ready to buy one and take care of it. But, we highly advise getting a serrated knife and a paring knife since they serve various purposes- serrated knives are for slicing through bread and tomatoes with ease, and paring knives are more delicate jobs, when a big knife just doesn’t cut it.

Measuring Spoons

Even if you like ingredients, it’s easy to have a set of measuring spoons around for the best times you need precise measurements. However, it also doubles as a mini spoon for scooping dried herbs and spices!

Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are important if you are the owner of a restaurant or a baker, but it’s also best for everyday cooking. We like to show a 4-piece set for the small amount of liquid and dried ingredients.

Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are more aesthetic than abrasive for cooking surfaces and will last forever. Just like you can’t put the dishwasher on! Select a set that has various wooden spoons, like a 6-piece set, so that you can use them for many other kinds of cooking.

Fish Turner

While this tool is good as a fish-turner, it can be used for anything. The wider base of this tool creates it simple to flip eggs, fish and even pancakes.

The thin edge makes it easy to beneath the foods you are flipping and the slots started any grease to drain.


When you’re in your kitchen with the basics, you want to ensure from good, sharp peeler to perish the peel of shave-off cheese, vegetable and veggie ribbons.


While chopsticks and forks can be handy, a whisk is quicker and more efficient for emulsifying oils and spoonfuls of vinegar.

Having the right tools in your kitchen can make cooking and prep work so much easier. Here are some must-have items that every kitchen should have:


Tongs are a versatile tool that can be used for flipping big pieces of food and moving ingredients around in a frying pan or on a sheet pan without risking burns. They are like an extension of your hands and are super useful in the kitchen.

Cutting Board

A good, grippy cutting board will protect your fingers during all your prep work. We recommend having a few cutting boards, like this set of plastic cutting boards, to prep various ingredients and prevent cross-contamination. Plastic boards can be placed in the dishwasher for full disinfecting.


A heavy-duty colander is an essential tool for draining out boiled pasta and vegetables. It is also used for draining canned beans and freshly washed veggies.

Prep Bowls in Every Size

A set of prep bowls will help you organize all your ingredients. If you get collapsible prep bowls, you’ll save a lot of space and have the convenience of covers that can seal off ingredients that are not quite ready for cooking yet. But glass prep bowls can also double as serving dishes!

Can Opener

Canned beans and vegetables make for quick cooking and are great pantry staples, but a bunch of things also come in cans that require a can opener – coconut milk, curry paste, fruits, crushed tomatoes, etc. A can opener is something you don’t want to forget!

Microplane Zester

This may not seem like a very necessary tool to have in a basic kitchen, but it makes a huge difference when you’re looking to up the flavour of your meals. A zester is used for zesting lemons and limes, and grating ginger and cheese.

Immersion / Stick Blender

Forget the bulk of a blender! You can now make pureed soups right in their pot, blend single-serving smoothies, and get extra creamy and smooth vinaigrettes/dressings. It’s so convenient, even it clean up is easy – simply pop off the blade for super quick cleaning.

Salad Spinner

A colander may be sufficient enough for drying lettuce, but a salad spinner is a whole lot more efficient. Salad dressings have a difficult time adhering to lettuce that is still wet, and people have a difficult time with soggy tacos and sandwiches. A salad spinner is an answer to your problems because it will help you get rid of water in a matter of seconds and save on paper towels. You can also use this tool to dry fresh herbs. And you’ll have another colander if your primary colander is in use!

In conclusion, the best kitchen tools are essential for anyone who wants to make cooking and prep work easier and more efficient. They will help you save time, prevent accidents, and create delicious meals.

Types Of Coffee Mugs

There is a coffee mug for the different situations you can imagine.Whether you need one to make your coffee warm on a camping trip or for office hours to take work, you’ll surely find plenty of options. However, their special purpose isn’t the only thing that sets various types of coffee cups apart. They can be divided by materials, types of coffee, or the number of walls they do have.

Types Of Coffee Mugs - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

What are the types of coffee mugs?

Now, let’s take a deep dive into different types of coffee mug worlds. We categorized them according to intended material, use and special functions. Clearly, the cup has different shapes and objectives to perform.

You can get a coffee mug according to the type of coffee you prefer. And, not everything is about basic functionality. Some things are in specific niches: 

  1. Classic Coffee Mug
Classic Coffee Mug - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

These types of coffee cups hold about 8oz and are usually made from glass and porcelain. They have the standard size base and lid, but the bandle is also created for special purposes with different designs.

For example, glass cups may have a very smaller handle, which could make their design awkward to hold.

Be cautious with the choice of materials. Some are good for the heat and the flavour of coffee much better than other types. 

  1. Travel Coffee Mug
Travel Coffee Mug - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

Given the number of models, selecting a travel cup that suits your taste can be different. But, heat retention factors and a snug seal are the most essential characteristics. 

As the same suggests, pour-over cups are made for this type of coffee. And what’s best when brewing happens in the mug itself?

  1. Double-Walled Coffee Mug
Double-Walled Coffee Mug- Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

Double-walled coffee cups are sleek and handle-free, which makes them comfortable to hold. Additionally, clear double-walled cups create an optical illusion of coffee floating inside.

  1. Vintage Coffee Mug
Vintage Coffee Mug - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

Vintage coffee mugs are those that were made in the 1950s or earlier. These are collectable and can be visually appealing, but it’s important to check for tiny fractures and ensure that the material is safe to use.

  1. Personalized Coffee Mug
Personalized Coffee Mug - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

Personalized mugs with unique designs make for a special coffee-drinking experience, and they can be customized regardless of material or type.

Materials matter a lot when it comes to choosing a coffee cup, as they can affect the taste of your coffee. Consider the following types of materials:

Ceramic mugs

Ceramic mugs are long-lasting, distribute heat evenly, come in a variety of styles and shapes, and are dishwasher-safe.

Glass cups

Glass cups/mugs are stylish, and have excellent heat retention properties, but can be prone to chipping and cracking.


Stoneware is durable, has a unique look, and is easy to maintain. Coffee rings can be wiped off before washing.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is commonly used in travel coffee mugs and comes with a lid to prevent spills. Some have handles for added convenience.

Chinese pottery

Chinese pottery has been unrivalled in terms of looks and quality since the Ming Dynasty. However, it requires special care and maintenance because of its fragility.

Melamine cups

Melamine cups retain heat well, are dishwasher-safe, and are the most affordable option. However, avoid reheating them with coffee inside, as it could damage them over time.

When considering thermal mugs, the two most significant factors to consider are how long they keep coffee hot and how quickly they cool down for drinking. Based on testing, glass mugs retain heat for the longest time, followed by ceramic and steel mugs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing the right coffee mug can greatly enhance your coffee-drinking experience. With the wide variety of options available, there is a coffee mug for every occasion and preference. At Vinayak Crockery, we believe that selecting the right material is crucial to getting the most out of your coffee. Each material has its unique features, and it is essential to choose one that suits your needs.

Ceramic mugs are a great option for everyday use, as they are durable, come in various styles and shapes, and are dishwasher safe. Glass mugs have excellent heat retention properties and are visually appealing, while stainless steel mugs are ideal for travel and come with a lid to prevent spills. Stoneware is easy to maintain and has a unique look that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the coffee-drinking experience.

When it comes to specialized coffee, such as pour-over coffee, having the right mug can make all the difference. Travel mugs with heat retention properties are ideal for people on the go, while vintage mugs add a touch of nostalgia to the coffee-drinking experience. Personalized mugs are an excellent way to add a personal touch to your coffee mug collection.

In short, there is no one-size-fits-all coffee mug. Choosing the right one for your needs requires consideration of material, size, shape, and purpose. At Vinayak Crockery, we have a wide variety of coffee mugs to choose from, each with its unique features to ensure that you have the perfect coffee-drinking experience.

The Best Tiffin Box: All Your Food-To-Go

Choosing work attire can be profuse with a wide range of clothes from formal to casual. However, on the good end, choosing the perfect lunch box for work comes off as pretty straightforward.

However easy, it still requires to be chosen with proper care. After all, you should never compromise on the perfection of a tiffin box they used for regular meals and the best tiffin box for kids. Go ahead and read on!

1. Insulated Lunch Box (Stainless Steel)

Mostly, it could be challenging or breaking point in working for hours without having plenty of breaks. Especially when you do not have the luxury to do work from home, if someone has to define “office,” it would be nothing but a blunder with lots of conferences with pressure, work and files. Thus, among other things, you should look forward to having the best tiffin box to keep food hot food and enjoy great home-cooked food! 

However, stained steel can turn that foody break into a more exciting one. Warm food in a stainless steel lunchbox is something you can definitely get used to!

2. Size

While you are adding a tiffin box, especially for outdoors and offices, make sure your tiffin box’s size is not oddly small or heavy. 

A lunch box should be compact and just suitable for your lunch requirements. The best tiffin box should be made precisely with various necessary compartments to keep all the components of your lunch intact! Remember that the best tiffin box size depends on your work desk if you don’t eat in the cafeteria! 

3. Compatible with a Lunch Bag

If you’re particular about not wanting to mix your files, laptop, and lunch box together in one bag, then opting for a separate lunch bag is the ideal choice for you, especially since lunch boxes with bags are currently in vogue.

Lunch bags are available in various designs and comes with a long strap so that you don’t need to fight over how to carry and hold them. Look for other options as well!

4. A Lunchbox That Looks Good

As a professional who is a part of the corporate world, it is expected that you would have great quality products that complement an enhanced look. Although it is cliché, it’s always great to choose what shade you choose for a better lunch box.

5. Free of Toxic Materials

Often, people get caught up in the concept of using plastic tiffins as they are lightweight, cheap and comes in different size and shape. However, along the road, people forget to select the critical aspect of carrying the food: safety standards as per the best quality of the product. Thus, choose that you spend a little more and get yourself a safe option.

6. Spill Free

There are various goes wrong than losing your cool in the middle of the deal. Imagine coming back to your desk, and seeing your bag, and it is pooling. A simple reason behind that is lousy making and weak construction.

Remember to find the best tiffin box brand that is spill-free or leak-resistant the next time you go to the store. 

8. Easy to Clean

Mostly, people focus too much on aesthetic clarity and ignore those that will pop up when they reach home. A tiffin box should not be difficult to clean the tiffin box and easy to maintain. 

Go in style with us and impress your colleagues with our stylish tiffin boxes. To sum it up, be sustainable, and look for a safe, and insulated best tiffin box for office for the long run!

Top Best Copper Kitchen Items

Shopping for cookware can be a daunting task. There are a wide range of options – enameled, iron, cast, stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel, copper – and they all have vastly different prices and use. If you’re not familiar with using copper cookware, the cost might seem appealing.  

If you’re thinking of learning about copper cookware and building these gorgeous and useful pieces of your collection, here are some things you can consider:

  • Copper heats up evenly
  • Copper cookware is lined
  • Copper cools down quickly
  • They’re very durable
  • They’re beautifully designed works of art
  • They’re easy to revive

Gleaming copper pots hanging from a brass pot rail often spring to mind when we think of our dream kitchen. 

Copper cookware has an unmistakable vintage engagement – it can be a conventional perhaps a mid-century-inspired electric kettle or French saucepan. A copper accent can elevate your space and put a gleam that offers both a rustic and elegant feel.

Not only copper is a beautiful metal, but it’s also a highly conductive material. That means the copper pans heat quickly and spread evenly to all parts of the appliance. Copper skillets and saucepans are incredibly durable and are quality-tested from time to time and offering both beauty and functionality. 

To help you start your collection, we’ve gathered some popular copper pieces at various price points, including a copper ladle and a high-quality pan that can be passed down through generations. Read on for some of our favourite copper kitchen accessories.

Copper 5-Piece Flatware Set

Copper 5-Piece Flatware Set -Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

This matte-finished flatware has a beautiful copper sheen that works for every occasion and it’s one of the favourite copper utensil sets. Pair them with festive plates on dress them down with a cotton table runner and grey-and-white striped linen for an impromptu weeknight dinner party.

Each set includes a dinner fork, table knife, salad fork, dinner spoon and dessert spoon. Because this flatware is made from steel, it is also dishwasher safe, thus no need to worry about hand washing.

Copper Utensil Holder

Copper Utensil Holder - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

A copper utensil holder adds a bit of sparkle to any kitchen. The hammered copper vessel is adorned with olive bronze on the front. 

Keep it next to your stove top to tuck all your utensils into your hand, or fill it with ice and use it as a wine chiller. We love how this appliance holder covers naturally over the period for more of a rustic and burnished look. However, if you want to keep it new and shiny, it can be polished and buffed back to its original condition.

Copper 5-Piece Set

Copper 5-Piece Set - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

A copper 5-piece Set is a gold standard for copper saucepans and skillets. These sets are ultra-sleek and modern in design that instantly elevates your kitchen with its aesthetic. This curated collection features a saucepan, saucier, and rondeau pan, which are perfect for preparing soups, stews, stocks, and pasta dishes.

Constructed with 90 per cent copper and lined with steel to ensure safety and these are an exact means of controlling the temperature, perfect for simmering and then searing. While this cookware isn’t dishwasher safe, it is relatively straightforward to wash up by hand.

The only limitation found was that the copper disclosed after use creates a type of covering, that some might found not as attractive as the original mirror finish. With a baking soda or cleaning soda solution, the exterior can come into its original lustre.

This is why most copper cookware is lined with food-safety, non-reactive metal like tin or stainless steel. Copper has a reputation for maintaining high temperatures, but it will last you a long time if you follow some instructions: do not let it preheat over a hot flame for an extended period, dry it and hand wash it. The copper kitchen near me does tarnish over time, but if you want to shine and buff your copper back to its original lustre, you can use various homemade remedies like lemon or baking soda or copper polish will be best.

Copper Ladle

Copper Ladle - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

Adding a lot of copper lustre to your kitchen doesn’t have to come with more price tags. This versatile hammered copper ladle has a long brass handle with a small notch, thus it will look great hanging from a pot near the pot.

The generous size makes doling bowls of homemade soup easy, while the aesthetic of its copper will look on your dinner table. For some of your dishes help you put the ladle to good use.

Hand-washing is important for the durable copper piece, however, it is worth your extra effort. This copper ladle will naturally patina over time, but can easily sparkle back with copper polish, a mixture of lemon and baking soda, or even ketchup!

Why choose copper kitchen items ?

Copper is a crucial trace mineral that possesses several health benefits, including antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic properties. Unlike other essential nutrients, the human body cannot produce copper, making it necessary to obtain it from dietary sources. Some of the best dietary sources of copper include seafood, whole grains, lentils, nuts, seeds, cereals, potatoes, peas, chocolate, and dark green leafy vegetables. Additionally, drinking water stored in a copper vessel (two to three glasses a day) is an easy and effective way to increase copper intake.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to elevate your cooking game and kitchen decor, copper kitchen items are a must-have. Not only do they offer a timeless, vintage appeal, but they’re also highly functional and durable. With their excellent heat conductivity, copper pans and skillets will ensure even heating and perfect cooking results every time.

Whether you’re looking for a copper utensil holder, a flatware set, a saucepan, or a ladle, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re worried about the cost, our selection includes a range of options at every price point.

But that’s not all – choosing copper kitchen items can also have health benefits. Copper is an essential trace mineral that offers several health benefits, including antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic properties. So not only will you be cooking in style, but you’ll also be taking care of your health.

Contact us for any queries, and start building your copper collection now.