Leading Crockery Brands in India

From merely a space to get together & dine, dining rooms are more of signature proportions that add decor, and function and make the most out of your home. 

Crockery tops the list when it comes to the hottest pieces that bring grace and class to the decor of the dining room giving it an elevated ambiance.

To help you get outstanding collections that are in ideal sync with the themes of your space, we have rounded some of the best crockery brands in India for perfect plating & planning of tableware.

Some of the most important crockery brands in India.


Ariane is a leading crockery brand based out of Europe. It is a European-based crockery brand but it has extended its network to different countries all over the globe. 

Ariane is mainly recognized for ivory and pure white porcelain tableware. Undoubtedly, we all and others all over the world on a special love for ivory and pure white porcelain crockery, especially when it reflects state-of-the-art creativity. 


Needless to mention, Borosil is one of the leading crockery brands in India offering a huge array of products. The product range includes lunch boxes, microwave-safe crockery items, storage containers, and so much more to mention.

With a huge network all over the globe, Borosil has earned a commendable name in the niche of crockery. 

Clay Craft

Known for the production of high-end fine bone China crockery, Clay Craft is a renowned brand of crockery in India The company offers an extensive and exclusive range of products which include beautiful ceramic tableware, high-quality coffee mugs, trendy tea, and dinner sets used by homemakers and hotel industries all over the country.


Corelle is a widely-known crockery brand in India having a huge market all over the globe. The brand is popular for its beautifully designed state-of-the-art crockery items. Corelle has won the hearts of homemakers and hotel managers with its perfect finish and higher durability that is a result of the proprietary three layers of glass it has. 


Fabindia is one of the most popular crockery brands in the country, known for manufacturing a huge range of exclusive items in dinnerware, cookware, serve ware, and drinkware for high-end customers who love to adorn the dining table with exquisite items. Being a leading manufacturer of crockery items in India, the brand ensures that the products offered would always qualify the test of time and trend. 


Jaypore offers uniquely crafted crockery items with having ethnic look. With a huge demand for premium design by artisans and potteries all over the country, Jaypore crockery became one of the most loved crockery brands in India and other parts of the world. 


Laopala is one of the oldest crockery brands well appreciated by consumers all over the globe. The brand has a wide range of products that include dinnerware, glassware, tea, and dinner sets, and many more. Laopala has a state-of-the-art facility bringing the best crockery items to consumers.

Larah Opalware 

Sarah opal ware is a leading crockery brand run and owned by Borosil. The brand manufactures long-lasting crockery items using stainless steel. The products offered are best suited for homes in India. The entire range of exclusive stainless steel cookware has huge popularity all over the country.


Luminarc is a French-based crockery brand that manufactures high-quality tableware and other items. These products are made of high-quality material, packed with shock resistance glass which is manufactured by special melting technology.


Managed and owned by Hamilton Houseware Pvt. Ltd. Treo is also one of the most popular crockery brands in India. I am having a state-of-the-art facility manufacturing cookware and serving ware items all over the globe. Treo products are developed to last longer than any other brand.


Wilmax is a United Kingdom-based crockery brand that offers beautifully crafted crockery, stainless steel cutlery, and crystalline lead-free glassware. Established in the year 2010, the brand made its unfadable footprints in the crockery market of India. 


Yera is the leading crockery brand and manufacturer of glassware items with a huge demand worldwide. The brand earned a big name quickly because of its storage containers section that includes designer and state-of-the-art containers crafted out of high-quality glass.

The color, style, design, and size of the crockery elevate the decor and theme of the ambiance while uplifting the entire experience of having a cuisine. Crockery must be brought from a leading crockery shop. Vinayak crockery is a renowned crockery shop in Jaipur that offers different types of kitchenware, dinnerware, glassware, barware and other kitchen essentials from leading brands of the world.

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