Essential cooking utensils for students

Student chefs don’t always receive the best publicity when it comes to cuisine. But let’s admit it, even trained chefs would be stumped by a cabinet full of irrelevant pots and pans and a few electric rings.

The essential cooking utensils for students will boost morale and prevent hunger cravings. Along with saving money, these utensils are a wonderful way to feel at home.

So, whether you’re going to start off your graduation journey or you’re returning for a new term and now living with friends, we’ve compiled our definitive guide on essential cooking utensils for students for quick, healthy and hygenic preparation of food before heading off to university. 

Electric Rice Cooker

Cooking Utensils for students

An electric rice cooker is a very practical and essential cooking utensil for students. Depending on your needs, you can utilise this product to create a range of delectable cuisine products. Students, single people, and small families can benefit from the smart kitchen utensil because it can make daily cooking convenient.

Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker utensils for students

Pressure cookers, a staple in many Asian and African homes, speed up the traditional cooking process that takes hours in a conventional pan. Cooking at speed is also essential for students were rushing to college is the norm.

Electric Kettle

Electric tea Kettle utensils for students

Electric water kettles are an important cooking tool to have in the house because they save time, and space, and are portable. Not to mention how versatile they are, how light they are, and how quickly they can purify your water.

Multi-purpose Kadai

multi purpose Kadai utensils for students

One of the most traditional and essential cooking utensils for students, the Kadai may be found in almost every Indian home. It comes in a variety of volumes and is thick and round-bottomed. It is typically used for deep-frying, sautéing, and the creation of curries and gravies.

Portable Juice Blender

Cooking Utensils for students

Comparing portable juice blenders to large food processors and mixers, the former are small and take up less room. It includes removable and simple-to-wash pieces and is simple to use and maintain. This all-in-one tool serves as a mixer, grinder, juicer, and chopper in addition to doing four other tasks. The blender transforms into a portable sipper that you can take anywhere—to the gym, the office, or wherever else you choose. Fresh, healthful vegetable or fruit juices can be quickly made in a blender.

Non-stick Fry Pan

Cooking Utensils for students

It is one of the most versatile cookware and essential cooking utensils for students that can be used for preparing different dishes. You can cook everything in a non-stick frying pan, including pasta and omelettes as well as stir-frying and sautéing. Get yourself a high-quality non-stick frying pan for daily usage if you enjoy eating meals that use little to no oil.


Cooking Utensils for students

Because casseroles are insulated containers, you can easily keep prepared food in them and it will stay warm and fresh. Additionally, food can be kept overnight. If you have any dinner leftovers, you can put them in a casserole and reheat them the next morning if necessary. 

It’s time to discuss the benefits of roasters after talking about fry pans and casseroles. You may believe that roasters are only used for more complicated recipes, but this is untrue. Every home, even one with students, needs a baking tray.

Of course, you’ll also require additional supplies like salad bowls, bowls, glasses, and serving utensils. Visit Vinayak Crockery to find them. You can choose everything from the same collection, giving your kitchen consistency every day!

For obvious reasons, you will also require a set of knives, spoons, and other silverware. To prepare everything you need each day, you only need one set. Additionally, different culinary equipment and silicone or wooden spoons will make your life easier!

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