4 Stainless Steel Utensils Your Kitchen Must Have

Firstly, stainless steel does not react to alkalis & acids, and hence won’t influence the flavour of your food. For instance, if you cook anything with tomatoes, curd or lemon in a brass vessel, the dish may have a different taste because the ingredients oxidize the metal surface.

With stainless steel, there is no such risk, that’s why copper cooking vessels are lined with stainless steel.

Stainless steel is hard and has long-lasting character. It can withstand cold temperatures and high temperatures with ease. Even if a stainless-steel glass falls from a height, there are low chances of it breaking. This makes it safe for everyone to use including younger ones.

Secondly, stainless steel is very economical. Sure, there are many grades of stainless steel and as the bulkiness increases, so does the price. However, once you’ve brought a stainless steel pot, it’s likely to last for decades. Thus, in long run, it is one of the cheapest types of kitchen items. Moreover, in this article, you will learn about essential steel utensils for cooking products.

Four Useful Stainless Steel Utensils

Nowadays, stainless steel is making comeback again in Indian kitchens. For a while there, we were enamoured by the lower prices of bone china and plastic. However, plastic is bad for the environment and us. Therefore, the demand for stainless steel utensils has seen a huge spike. Let’s take a look at four useful stainless steel utensils

A Steel Masala Box

A Steel Masala Box - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

Indian cooking uses many different ground masalas. Every region has its own mix but there are some masalas you’re to find in every kitchen – turmeric, chilli powder, coriander powder, seeds and salt. These spices form the base of most dishes and hence must be easily accessible.

That’s why you require a masala box. A stainless steel box with smaller individual compartments within a larger container. This keeps all the base masala in a single and separate box for each other.

A Steel Colander

A Steel Colander - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

Irrespective of the vegetable you’re cooking, you should wash them thoroughly before taking them to the chopping board. You need to wash off not just the dirt and dust that may have settled on the vegetable surface but also traces of colour etc that may have been added to make it more appealing. 

A Steel Jug

A Steel Jug - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

Water might not always be mentioned on the list but you can’t cook without it. Neither can you enjoy a good meal without a glass of water. Thus, when you’re equipping a kitchen, ensure that you are including a “jug” in your stainless steel list.

Jugs are available in many different shapes and sizes. For the kitchen, a 1.5 litre is ideal. Select a design you like so that your jug can move from the kitchen counter to the dining table whenever needed.

Steel Dish Drainer

Stainless Steel Dish Drainer - Vinayak Crockery & Kitchen Appliances

Once you’re done cooking and enjoying the meal, it’s time to wash all the stainless steel utensils set. Even if a dish were used to boil rice, you require washing it before it gets put away. Else, it could attract insects and diseases.

Preferably, you should have a dish drainer beside your sink. This is important because a basket is made from wire mesh. The dishes are placed upside down in the water and the basket remaining on them dries and away. 

The handles make it Straightforward to move from one side of the kitchen to the other and the tray collects water so your kitchen can stay clean and dry.

In Conclusion

The stainless steel utensils shop near me is the best for every Indian kitchen. Crafted from an alloy that will not react to anything and can stand for a long period of time. 

Nowadays, you can buy stainless utensils online just as easily as you would in a market. Browse Through the wide range of cookware and crockery and pick designs that reflect your behaviour and style. There’s something for people who believe in and like the classics as well as designs that reflect a modern style. 

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